Living Rooms and Family Rooms

We got to start from scratch in this new home.  Sumptuous and eclectic are the words I would use to describe this client’s style.  We layered beautiful quality furnishings without a heavy hand in order to keep it Pacific Northwest appropriate.

The British Colonial style is characterized by relaxed furniture lines, deeply stained wood, woven materials, turned furniture legs, etc.  The Plantation style evolved when Tropical Island Colonies copied England’s home fashions of the time using local woods and textiles with tropical flora.

Reupholstered and rearranged furniture along with an iron Kolkka verdigris finish coffee table anchor the seating arrangement.  New floor to ceiling drapes in a light, textural fabric didn’t make the picture unfortunately.

Purchase a giant leather sectional and then cozy it up!  That’s what we did here with warm, bold colors and a rustic wood table.  Leather can have a tendency to be cold so layering other textural elements like a rug plus pillows and a throw blanket help provide warmth.

This Family Room called for a masculine vibe but also needed to appeal to the lone female in the family.  We were able to use her grandmother’s vintage sewing machine in the corner.  New paint, art, sofa, loveseat and accessories integrated with existing tables.

Since the client wanted a minimalist feel, every selection had to add to the story.  Silk drapes hang on Robert Allen curtain rods with stylized finials.  While it’s tough to see here, even the pillows were little contemporary works of art (mixing suede, silk and mohair to add subtle texture).

A rustic lakeside vibe is achieved through a flagstone fireplace surround, natural wood plank ceiling and masculine furnishings.


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