I love interior design and I love helping clients transform their spaces.  You should walk into your rooms and have a visceral reaction.  That could mean that you suddenly feel calmed by the watery blues and oyster neutrals of a coastal Master bedroom retreat.  Or that you smile when you enter a child’s playroom featuring bold Marimekko prints in primary colors.  The media room should envelope you with a rich, saturated hue and weighty fabrics meant to enhance the audio/visual experience.    My goal is for you to walk into each space of your home and say, “I love this room!”

I received my Bachelors of Arts degree from the University of Oregon and pursued a career that was more practical than satisfying.  The minute I had the freedom to do so, I went back to school.  This time to Bellevue Community College who’s accredited Interior Design Program has a stellar reputation.  Armed with practical and academic experience, I launched a new career!

I’ve been ‘officially’ decorating for 11 years and my clientele are recommended via word-of-mouth.  I’m happy to work with a variety of budgets, styles and job sizes.  You may just want some help choosing a paint color or reorganizing your existing furniture.  You might want to outfit your home from top to bottom.  Either way, I’d be thrilled to help you reach the goal of loving your spaces!

Tracy Paulsen

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